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From: $290.00

These poufs are an ideal reproduction of stones that can be seen on the coast of Northern Ireland. It is their unusual hexagonal shape that inspired our designers to create Bazalto reception seats.

Due to the multi-color and two heights that can be used simultaneously for the seat and backrest - even the youngest ones will love them. These poufs encourage fun and improve the mood! Ideally suited to the chill out zone. They will also work well during training and brainstorming as an element stimulating creativity and conducive to shaping the informal atmosphere of work.

The modular solution allows for a multitude of combinations, thanks to which you can freely combine the poufs and get carried away with creativity.

Add, subtract and color - compose your perfect set of reception seats!

BPN1 - Low
BPN1 - Low
BPW1 - High
BPW1 - High
Anthracite (A-60025)
Beige (A-60141)
Black (M-60999)
Blazer CUZ02
Blazer CUZ12
Blazer CUZ1G
Blazer CUZ1L
Blazer CUZ1R
Blazer CUZ1V
Blazer CUZ1X
Blazer CUZ28
Blazer CUZ39
Blazer CUZ47
Blazer CUZ63
Dark Blue (M-67053)
Dark Green (M-68005)
Gray (A-60011)
Gray (M-66008)
Light Blue (M-67006)
Light Green (M-68115)
Lime (M-68002)
Mustard (A-62048)
Navy Blue (A-66064)
Petrol (A-67043)
Purple (A-65037)
Salmon Pink (M-63064)
Sand (A-61078)
Sand (M-61002)
Turquoise (A-67030)
Vita V-01
Vita V-02
Vita V-03
Vita V-04
Vita V-05
Vita V-06
Vita V-07
Vita V-08
Vita V-15
Vita V-18
Vita V-19
Vita V-20
Vita V-23
Vivid Red (A-64089)
Vivid Red (M-64019)
Xtreme CS - XR009
Xtreme CS - XR026
Xtreme CS - XR079
Xtreme CS - XR081
Xtreme CS - XR084
Xtreme CS - XR094
Xtreme CS - XR108
Xtreme CS - XR160
Xtreme CS - XR420
From: $290.00




Body structure made of chipboard 045/64in, 17/64in and HDF 01/8in, attached together with confirmates.

Body covered with upholstery foam: seat 131/32in thick, sides 025/64in.

Polyurethane feet 13/16in diameter, 6 pieces, adjustment range 019/32in.

Poufs connected with metal binding elements made of laser-cut profile 05/64in, powder coated, black.