Color Talks. Bees know better

Nature knows what it is doing, so we can’t question the bees’ choice to use yellow and black stripes as their colors. It was also skillfully used by John Hertz – the creator of New York Yellow Cabs. This color contrast made the cabs more visible, consequently reducing the number of collisions with their environment.

Color Talks. Gray - Not so invisible

Norwegian designer Dagny Thurmann-Moe connects excessive popularity of monochrome interiors with the increasing number of Norwegians suffering from depression. The author of the book called "Colorful revolution" writes that the Scandinavians resign from gray interiors after around three years of use, feeling overwhelmed by the neutral and impersonal character of the rooms.

What to look out for when designing a lounge area

Nowadays, there are as many as four generations (Baby Boomers, X, Y and Z) that work together in the same office, each one of them with a different belief system, requirements and individual needs. Their changed approach to work and higher expectations have resulted in the dramatic shift in office design in the last decade

Color Talks. Prestigious Black

In the western cultural circle, black is associated with mourning, loss, but also seriousness and authority. It is not included in the color wheel, that is why it always strongly contrasts with the surrounding colors. It is not easy to use in the interior arrangement and have to be used wisely.

Color Talks. Defreezing White

In the digital world there is only one white shade: 255, 255, 255 for RGB space or 0, 0, 0, 0 for the CMYK palette. In real life, however, white color samples contain different shades. In the old days, this white used to be the most popular choice for painting walls. Later, it fell into disgrace to return on the wave of interest and inspiration from the Scandinavian interiors.

Residential Use of Commercial Furniture

Our offer of furniture may look like it is intended only for commercial use. But there are a lot of pieces that will fit perfectly in residential spaces as well. Best way to illustrate that is by dividing a house interior into parts...

Restaurants – seating guide

We all know that our enjoyment of food comes from much more than just its taste. It is often said that “We eat with our eyes”, which means that, in order to attract customers, we have to make sure...

Color Talks. Purple: Prestige and chillout

Frederic Beigbeder used to say that color purple was invented by the Parisians in order to stop peasants from interrupting breakfasts in Café de Flore.

Reception Area in a car showroom

Until recently, car showrooms’ interiors were not associated with stylish arrangement and attention to detail but it is slowly changing. The need to focus on interior design began to reach the automotive industry and to be competitive and successful you have to follow that trend.

What’s your perfect chair?

Choosing the right furniture for your office, reception area or for apartment is not a simple decision. Seating is especially tricky because it has to follow your needs on many fields.

Color talks. Brown has many names

The brown paper and cardboard box used to be both associated with the cheapest type of packaging. Today, they are used to highlight the relationship between their products and nature.

Reception Area in Financial Services

Financial sector is a part of the economy made up of companies that provide financial services to private and commercial customers. This sector includes banks, real estate, investment funds and insurance companies.

4 Reasons To Choose Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Height-adjustable desks are gaining in popularity. There is no doubt about it.
But what are the main reasons for the rising demand of this kind of furniture?

Colors for Reception Area – Blue

Psychologists have proven a long time ago that the color of the environment has a very distinct effect on our behavior - some colors put us in a good mood, others relax or help to concentrate.

Lounge Area – Questions You Need To Answer Before Designing It

Lounge area is definitely an important place in a reception area, especially in hotels or office buildings. Because of that, it requires a well-thought-out plan before designing and equipping it.

School Reception Area

Many different people walk through your school door every day – prospective students, new members of staff or a parent. You have to make sure that the first impression you create is a good one.

Color Talks. Orange Socializer

Not without reason, orange is a color often being used as a main theme by companies in the telecommunications industry. It is the universal symbol of communication, and its presence in the office or home space stimulates attention and supports social relations. Therefore, it is worth considering in the zones of interpersonal contacts, especially if it is accompanied by a relaxing blue.

5 Common Mistakes While Creating a Reception Area

A lot has been said about what we should do while designing a reception area. But how about what we shouldn’t do? Now it’s time to talk about the don’ts – common mistakes that we have to avoid.

Color Talks. Green - Not only eco

Green is associated with nature and spring freshness. It can be used in an interior arrangement to introduce natural inspirations into rooms.

4 Unobvious Things to Remember While Arranging A Reception Area

It was once said that we “buy with our eyes”. We pay attention to elements like color, design and other external features. But there are many more aspects we need to have in mind...

4 Tips to Add Scandinavian Vibe to Your Reception Area

Scandinavian design is one of the most popular lately. It’s main characteristic is definitely simplicity. Let’s find out what rules do we have to follow while designing a perfect Scandinavian interior.

Reception area in a hotel

Reception area is an extremely important place in a hotel. It is not only a place that guests see first, but also where they spend a lot of time during their stay, so you need to choose your furniture wisely.

Getting Your Reception in Shape

It is no surprise that the health and fitness industry continues to grow. People are very health-conscious and getting fit has become a lifestyle at the same time according to the CDC...

What is HoReCa?

HoReCa is simply an acronym for Hotel/Restaurant/Café. It originated in Europe and also getting popular in the U.S.. HoReCa is of the fastest growing economy sector in the world...

National Receptionists' Day

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and yours may be in the hands of the receptionist. Receptionists - often underrated but they have a very important role in every company. Their role is being celebrated annually on National Receptionists Day.


“Necessity or obligation created by some situation”. When it comes to business it’s vital to identify needs – both yours and your clients. But what does your reception area needs?

Your future hotel reception – available today

Reception is inseparably connected with hotels. But how did they change throughout history and what the future holds? To find out, we will trace their evolvement since the very beginning.

ADA compliant reception desk

Many of you probably heard about ADA compliance more than once. This concept has not only become fashionable, but it has also directly influenced the creation and design of office and reception space.

What do the names of our products stand for?

Certainly you have repeatedly seen reception desks with interesting and unconventional shapes, which, despite all their modernity and a lot of fanciful design had someting about them that made them look familiar.

Customize your welcome!

As it is widely known, most of the reception desks do not usually differ much from each other in terms of appearance and functionality. It is easier to produce a universal reception desk...

Sit Back And Relax - Modern Seating In A Reception Area

Please note that the reception area is a lot more than adequate interior and good looking furniture. Nowadays, what counts above all is the functionality and providing the right comfort.

The Importance of Ergonomics

Nowadays, more and more is being said about ergonomics. This concept became simply fashionable, but still not everyone is aware of how extremely important it is...

Reception in a law firm - building trust from the very first step

When we think about a law firm, it suddenly occurs to us that we associate it mostly with professionalism and a vast amount of knowledge acquired by its lawyers. Hoping that our problem will be solved...

Reception Area In A Hair Salon

It is well known that in the service sector a good contact with your customer is both the most important and the most difficult one to achieve. Acquiring a new customer is a complex process that consists of many elements.

Reception Space Arrangement Over Time

Many objects of everyday use, including tools and equipment used for work have changed over decades. Just as the phones and computers from 20 years ago are no longer similar to their modern counterparts...

The Importance Of Color And Its Impact On Emotions

As many people as many interpretations, but in case of color reception, most of us evaluate them unanimously. It turns out that they arouse similar or even the same associations in us. 

How to Use Every Inch of Your Small Space?

Not every place has a large space that can be easily filled and adjusted without having to compromise. Small places are often a bane and a challenge for many interior designers.

Reception Area At A Dental Clinic

A visit to the dental clinic is the fever dream of every patient. Many of us delay the visit or simply go and treat it as a voluntary submission to punishment, and while in the waiting room, start mentally preparing ourselves for the worst.

Reception Area In A Beauty Parlor

It is well known that it is the first impression that counts the most in decision making especially when it comes to beauty salon picking. Why? Because within seconds your clients decide whether or not your place is the right choice.

Reception Area – The Best Business Card

When listing places, such as a hotel, a doctor's office or a hair salon, at first we do not notice many of their common features. These places have a completely different character of the services provided, different work specifics or aesthetic requirements.