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Nowadays, more and more is being said about ergonomics. This concept became simply fashionable, but still not everyone is aware of how extremely important it is that our office furniture have been created in accordance with its rules. What can we gain thanks to the right ergonomics?

When we think about a law firm, it suddenly occurs to us that we associate it mostly with professionalism and a vast amount of knowledge acquired by its lawyers. Hoping that our problem will be solved quickly and effectively, we usually go to the law firms that have raised our confidence. It is trust that is the most important element in the selection process, therefore, we should take a moment and think what is the best way of building and maintaining it. What motivates a customer to use services of a particular law firm and what can influence his decision to a large extent?

It is well known that in the service sector a good contact with your customer is both the most important and the most difficult one to achieve. Acquiring a new customer is a complex process that consists of many elements.  The techniques that prove to be the most efficient in case of any hair salon are buzz marketing and positive previous experiences. Before we make an appointment, we usually decide to pay a visit to a salon, in order to see what it looks like and what is the level of service it provides. Therefore, the aesthetic aspect plays a key role in here.

Many objects of everyday use, including tools and equipment used for work have changed over decades. Just as the phones and computers from 20 years ago are no longer similar to their modern counterparts, the office reception furniture have been improved and adapted to the dynamically changing reality. If you ask what has changed since the 90s to the moment we are now, we will respond immediately - absolutely everything!

As many people as many interpretations, but in case of color reception, most of us evaluate them unanimously. It turns out that they arouse similar or even the same associations in us. Given this phenomenon, we should seriously reflect on the choice of colors to our office, business premises, or hotel lobbies and other large common areas. This also applies to all interior design elements, including the color aspect of our reception desk.

What colors match your interior and which ones will work best for your new reception furniture?

Not every place has a large space that can be easily filled and adjusted without having to compromise. Small places are often a bane and a challenge for many interior designers. It is quite difficult to come up with the innovative solutions that would be practical, comfortable and at the same time have an extraordinary design. The most troublesome is usually the right selection of office reception furniture and accessories. Choosing a reception desk is certainly not a piece of cake, but do not worry! We know a perfect solution!

A visit to the dental clinic is the fever dream of every patient. Many of us delay the visit or simply go and treat it as a voluntary submission to punishment, and while in the waiting room, start mentally preparing ourselves for the worst. It does not always have to be accompanied by such stress, but what can be done to reduce it?

It is well known that it is the first impression that counts the most in decision making especially when it comes to beauty salon picking. Why? Because within seconds your clients decide whether or not your place is the right choice. But how to make your clients impressed with services you provide within very first seconds? As it’s impossible to show your skills in such a short time is the answer a well-designed and inviting reception area. You can never go wrong with good design!

When listing places, such as a hotel, a doctor's office or a hair salon, at first we do not notice many of their common features. These places have a completely different character of the services provided, different work specifics or aesthetic requirements. Seemingly, finding a tangent point seems almost impossible, but this assumption couldn't be more wrong. Just ask yourself a simple question - where after entering each of those places we head first?

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