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It is no surprise that the health and fitness industry continues to grow. People are very health-conscious and getting fit has become a lifestyle, at the same time according to the CDC, almost 70% of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight, meaning there are still a lot of potential customers to attract. And what better way to do that than improving the looks of your reception?

HoReCa is simply an acronym for Hotel/Restaurant/Café. It originated in Europe and also getting popular in the U.S.. HoReCa is of the fastest growing economy sector in the world, yet very demanding and challenging for the business owners, imposing competition on each and every detail which has to be buttoned up. It goes without saying that furniture is one of the most important ones.

“You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and yours may be in the hands of the receptionist.”

Harvey Mackay.


“necessity or obligation created by some situation”
Collins English Dictionary

When it comes to business it’s vital to identify needs – both yours and your clients. But what does your reception area needs?

Reception is inseparably connected with hotels. But how did they change throughout history and what the future holds? To find out, we will trace their evolvement since the very beginning.

Many of you probably heard about ADA compliance more than once. This concept has not only become fashionable, but it has also directly influenced the creation and design of office and reception space. At the present time, much is said about adapting public facilities and commercial spaces to the needs of people with disabilities. ADA is nothing more than a determinant, as well as a source of all information and guidelines regarding the introduction of such enhancements.

Certainly you have repeatedly seen reception desks with interesting and unconventional shapes, which, despite all their modernity and a lot of fanciful design, had something about them that made them look familiar or evoke in us some associations. Not all reception furniture are only modernist blocks detached from reality and soulless. It just so happens that many of these seemingly futuristic models subconsciously refer to the elements of the world around us, such as nature or objects that we can easily find in our everyday life. Our series of reception furniture has many secrets. Let's find out what has become an inspiration to create them!

As it is widely known, most of the reception desks do not usually differ much from each other in terms of appearance and functionality. It is easier to produce a universal reception desk that can stand anywhere and serve its purpose, because adjusting the individual components requires precision, time and resources. Few companies are ready for a customer-oriented service, to give the customer what he desires and meet all his expectations. Nowadays, it is the meeting of customer expectations and his needs that counts the most. This is what all thriving companies should now focus on if they want to maintain the position of the industry leader.

Please note that the reception area is a lot more than adequate interior and good looking furniture. Nowadays, what counts above all is the functionality and providing the right comfort for both our employees and clients waiting for their turn. Do not allow your reception furniture to deter or bring any discomfort to your customers! Let us help you choose the right models - you will not regret it!

Nowadays, more and more is being said about ergonomics. This concept became simply fashionable, but still not everyone is aware of how extremely important it is that our office furniture have been created in accordance with its rules. What can we gain thanks to the right ergonomics?

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