Many of you probably heard about ADA compliance more than once. This concept has not only become fashionable, but it has also directly influenced the creation and design of office and reception space. At the present time, much is said about adapting public facilities and commercial spaces to the needs of people with disabilities. ADA is nothing more than a determinant, as well as a source of all information and guidelines regarding the introduction of such enhancements.

ADA vs. reception desk

As everyone knows, not all reception desks take into account the needs of people with disabilities. This is partly due to the small financial outlays of production plants, which makes it almost impossible to buy new production units and start production according to new plans, and partly because not enough employers are aware of the importance of being open to this particular group of customers and keep underestimating its potential.

General regulations

We do realize how important it is to provide our customers with variety of different models and different customizations and adjustments, therefore we do have in our offer reception desk that are in compliance with the following rules:

  • Reception desk must be located on a clear floor space and take into account the additional space (at least 30 to 48 inches) that shall be able to accommodate the movement of a person with reduced mobility, as well as big enough wheelchair turn space.
  • Special regulations apply also to the height of reception desks, which must be between 28 and 34 inches.
  • Minimum length of parallel approach should be 36 inches
  • Minimum length of forward approach should be 30 inches
  • Knee space under the reception desk should be 12 inches

Employee work surface regulations:

  • reception desk height on the finished floor should be between 28 and 34 inches
  • normal seating height should be 30 inches high
  • stand-up reception desk seating should be not more than 34 inches high
  • every reception desk should have an extra space behind -required space should have turning diameter of more or less 60 inches

Taking into account all above-mentioned guidelines, we decided to create beautifully designed and ADA-compliant models such as Foro, Ovo or Valde. Our products speak for themselves and prove that modern reception desk can be disabled-friendly and spectacular at the same time!

Ovo - Resourceful reception desk ADA compliant.

Valde - A versatile and popular reception desk.

Make your reception area more accessible – invest in ADA compliant office furniture!