In the western cultural circle, black is associated with mourning, loss, but also seriousness and authority. It is not included in the color wheel, that is why it always strongly contrasts with the surrounding colors. It is not easy to use in the interior arrangement and have to be used wisely.

According to Feng-Shui, black has a power of building authority. Europeans also associate it with prestige. This fact is used by manufacturers of kitchen and computer equipment, because clients with higher incomes tend to choose black or stainless steel housing.

As the dominant color of our outfit, black can have a masking effect. In the case of interiors, it is the opposite. Black furniture always attracts attention, so they are a good choice for representable places, aimed at impressing guests. They fits perfectly in receptions or higher management offices.

Black absorbs the light, so overusing in the interiors might be risky. It does not encourage contact, and can create and unfriendly atmosphere and communication barrier as a result. However, used wisely it can be calming and relaxing.

In order to avoid negative connotations, black can be easily overcome with other colors, details and textures. Mixed with vivid red, black will become dynamic, that is why this combination is very often used by car manufacturers. The company of white, silver or gold shows elegance with a hint of extravagance.

Black in the office space is the perfect way to stand out and build the company's authority. It is not universal, but it will work in latest trendy styles: classic, minimalist, Scandinavian and lofts.