Psychologists have proven a long time ago that the color of the environment has a very distinct effect on our behavior - some colors put us in a good mood, others relax or help to concentrate. By understanding color, you can create the right mood and atmosphere in your reception area and any other interior. Let’s start with blue and what psychological effects it brings.

  1. Calmness

    Blue is a color of calm sea and the sky. It makes us feel calm and relaxed. As many studies have shown, it can even slow down our heart rate and lower the blood pressure.

  2. Intelligence

    Blue is very often connected with intelligence. It is because different shades of blue can improve concentration and productivity by stimulating thinking and providing mental clarity.

  3. Confidence

    Blue can also mean confidence. Blue is related to a calm authority and inspires trust. That is why clothes in this color are suggested to be worn on job interviews.

  4. Aloofness

    Blue is definitely not an emotional color. Like mentioned above it is connected with intelligence and calmness, which means rational thinking rather than showing emotions.

  5. Interesting fact about blue:

    It is unappetizing. Blue is hardly ever found naturally in food, there aren’t many fruits or vegetables in this color. It reduces the feeling of hunger and should be avoided in restaurant interiors.


Blue is a color the that is perfect for reception areas in businesses that require confidence and calmness such as law firms or financial services and should be avoided in food industry. It will also be a good choice for office building as it can improve concentration.

Most of the items from our product range allow you to customize colors, including blue as well!