The brown paper and cardboard box used to be both associated with the cheapest type of packaging. Today, they are used by shops and manufacturers who want to highlight the relationship between their products and nature.

The colors of wood and earth are very grateful in interior design. So it might be surprising that - despite positive connotations - brown usually tops in the infamous rankings of the least-liked colors. The reason is prosaic. It is neutral and, despite a wide range of possible shades, almost invisible, lacking its own energy. Its character is determined by the additional decorations and the style of the interior, which gives a lot of comfort when arranging spaces with the participation of browns.

This color tends to be associated with history and tradition. Like black, it means prestige and seriousness, but it has a warmer and therefore more positive outcome. While black imposes distance, the bronze creates a sense of security and gives the interior a cozy character. Dark brown furniture works well in the executive's offices, law firms and reception areas of institutions for which credibility is a value of highest importance. It is the color for the people who are hard-working and who likes tidiness.

In the modern office style, browns and beiges are getting more common lately. They bring lightness and freshness to the room, so they fit perfectly into Scandinavian or biophilic design. They highlights tradition and authenticity, pointing to the high quality of the craft and hand-made products.

The neutrality of brown makes it an excellent base for various arrangements. Especially in compositions with saturated colors. Connecting it with red is a reference to the Asian traditions. Combination of brown with shades of orange and violet might also be a good idea. Delicate bronzes in a duet with white can mean ecology, especially supported by greenery of plants. Brown, as a complementary shade of blue, introduces modernity to the interiors.

The possibilities are unlimited. Bronzes in a wide color palette can be an excellent base for other shades, as well as be a distinctive dominant in rooms with a more classic character.