Until recently, car showrooms’ interiors were not associated with stylish arrangement and attention to detail but it is slowly changing. The need to focus on interior design began to reach the automotive industry and to be competitive and successful you have to follow that trend. Let’s take a look at the factors that are important at the reception area in such place.

  1. Make it modern

    A car showroom has to match the design of the cars.. The more modern the looks of a car are the more modern the interior has to be – the more classic car, the more classic design. That is the rule. On one hand we have futuristic pieces like Zig-Zag with the RGBW LED lighting system, on the other hand – traditional looking Tera. You choose!

  2. Minimalism

    Clean, minimalist interior, separate customer service zones and expressive lighting can expose the design of a car. We cannot forget that cars should be stars of the interior and we want furniture to be a background. Try to choose the pieces with clean, simple shapes preferably in natural colors like whites and shades of gray like Zen or Alpa.

  3. Place to sit

    Customers can spend a lot of time in a car dealership, as buying a car is an important purchase and customers like to take their time before making a decision. A comfortable place to sit where a client can have a hot drink and relax is a necessity. A simple design of Grace family, which includes an armchair, sofa and a table will be just perfect for that purpose.

Make your car showroom a nice place to be at and the customers will come back to you!