As many people as many interpretations, but in case of color reception, most of us evaluate them unanimously. It turns out that they arouse similar or even the same associations in us. Given this phenomenon, we should seriously reflect on the choice of colors to our office, business premises, or hotel lobbies and other large common areas. This also applies to all interior design elements, including the color aspect of our reception desk.

What colors match your interior and which ones will work best for your new reception furniture?

Safe, but isn't it too boring?

White is clearly associated with peace and purity. It does not evoke any extreme emotions, but if we exaggerate with the amount, the room may seem too sterile and devoid of character - it will be in the client's sense just nondescript. It is worth considering the question of juxtaposing it with a different color of a greater emotional charge, but which evokes positive associations and a mood suitable for our place. For example, it will look very good with blue or green, which are a perfect combination in places such as:

  • doctors' offices
  • public buildings
  • hospitals
  • massage centers

If you are searching for a white reception desk with blue or green accents, our Zig-Zag reception desk from Reception Planet collection might be the one of your interest.

Zig-Zag Reception Desk - Make your workplace stand out through color.

Elegance in moderation

Black in the interior design is usually a symbol of elegance and class, but it should be a complement or additive, not the main color theme. In excess, it can cause feelings of depression and intensify depressive symptoms. The room with an excess of this color will seem smaller and overwhelming. A modern reception desk should, therefore, have only black elements or trims to reflect the character of a given place and its rank, but do not cause negative feelings. This solution is best suited to:

  • modern office spaces
  • hotel lobby
  • luxury SPA cabinets
  • exhibitions

An excellent example of the reception desk with black accents is our contemporary reception desk - Tera Straight.

Warm or cold?

Gray is a neutral color, and because there are as many as 500 shades of gray recognized by the human eye, both warm and cold shades can be distinguished. It is an extremely universal color that easily interacts with almost any other color. Due to such a wide range of shades, it is ideal for minimalist and modern interiors. Reception desks with this color will look good in any place. Gray perfectly balances other colors with a strong emotional charge. Reception desks from our collection, such as Linea with low top and Arctic Summer will be a perfect match and make it easier to fit the additional color.

Don't play with fire!

Red is a very bold color whose reception depends on its saturation and accumulation. In appropriate proportions, it fills people with courage and is associated with strong but positive feelings, such as love or passion. When we exaggerate with its quantity, it can be perceived as a symbol of war and blood, which will definitely cause negative emotions in our clients. In the case of interior design and selection of appropriate furniture, it is particularly important to combine it with another more subdued color, for example white. In this way, we will soften its impact and achieve the desired effect – the desk will arouse the interest of a potential customer.

Too much color, e.g. on the entire surface of the desk in a large space could have the opposite effect, because its overdose causes general irritability. Reception desks with this color, just like Valde Straight, will definitely be perfect for:

  • fairs
  • exhibitions
  • hotels

At the fair, they will allow us to stand out from other competitors, and in the hotels will successfully allow guests to locate them.

Optimism above all!

Orange and yellow colors stand for optimism and good mood. They perfectly highlight the distinctiveness of other colors such as navy, blue or darker shade of gray. They are definitely recommended for interiors with a small amount of light or painted in dark colors, because they will make the room more cozy and warmer. However, one should remember not to overuse it. The of the reception desk itself can give a room the intended character and create the right mood. Reception desks with such fronts perfectly match places such as:

  • hair salons
  • beauty salons
  • massage centers
  • gyms
  • office spaces
  • luxury hotels
  • resorts

The model with an orange front that would perfectly create the mood in any of your rooms is certainly Foro.

Sense of security and harmony

Green is associated with calmness and mellowness. It is supposed to reduce stress and provide a sense of security. Many people associate it with ecology, hope and nature. It is especially recommended in medical facilities, such as:

  • hospitals
  • doctors' offices

Reception desks with green fronts like Arctic Summer are also often found in therapeutic and spa centers.

Make daydreaming possible!

Blue indicates bliss and widely understood relaxation. According to many surveys and researches, it is mentioned as the most preferred and the one that creates the best mood. Usually, we associate it with refreshment, sky, and in the case of interior design - professionalism. Our Zig Zag model that comes with this shade is ideally suited to business and diplomatic premises.

Add a bit of color to your interior and choose one of our colorful reception counters!