A visit to the dental clinic is the fever dream of every patient. Many of us delay the visit or simply go and treat it as a voluntary submission to punishment, and while in the waiting room, start mentally preparing ourselves for the worst. It does not always have to be accompanied by such stress, but what can be done to reduce it?

Properly selected reception desk is your key to success

The patient is definitely the most stressed during the passive waiting for his so-called turn, that is when he is in the waiting room next to the reception. Of how it is decorated and designed will depend the patient's well-being. Badly selected furniture, no additional gadgets or too small space can have only negative impact. It is important that both patients' chairs and the reception desk itself are comfortable, which in turn will translate into:

  • comfort for employees, will translate into significant improvement in the quality of contact with the patient
  • satisfied employee who has a practical work tool at his disposal will serve our clients much better
  • initiated conversations will be more effective and will help to improve patients' mood

A contemporary reception desk should also be functional and capatious, so that you can place on it a couple of things distracting attention and supporting the positive vibe of the place, such as:

  • radio
  • magazines
  • leaflets
  • toys for children

An office reception furniture that combines all these features and ensures the perfect work comfort for the staff is our Arctic Summer model. Its design resembling a cracking ice will not only attract attention, but also stimulate the imagination.

Color determinant of well-being of our patients

Another very important issue is the right color scheme. This choice is extremely important and it depends on it how

  • we will subconsciously create the mood of our patient
  • the room will affect our customers
  • the stress level will decrease

Arctic Summer – modern reception desk.

Medical facilities are usually dominated by the white color but its excess may remind our customers of a hospital, and that is what we must avoid at any cost. According to many studies, adults point out blue as their favorite color. The combination of white and blue gives an amazing effect created on our modern reception desk - Arctic Summer. If we have a limited space and we need something that does not take too much of it but at the same time is extremely functional, we should definitely look at the Zen reception desk from the reception planet serie.

Take care of the psychological comfort and mood of your patients! Contact us and choose wisely!