What do employees look for

Nowadays, there are as many as four generations (Baby Boomers, X, Y and Z) that work together in the same office, each one of them with a different belief system, requirements and individual needs. Their changed approach to work and higher expectations have resulted in the dramatic shift in office design in the last decade. The typical unexciting office that used to be a norm 50 years ago is not enough anymore. The younger generations require visually attractive offices that are designed according to the latest trends and provide flexibility and comfort of work. This is confirmed by research stating that 81% of potential employees would like to see their future office before signing a job contract. What is more, it is chill out zones that younger people are most interested in (34.9%), followed by 24.4% of respondents favouring open-plan and collaborative workspaces, while 16.3% point out access to exercise facilities as the most interesting.

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Modern day lounge area and its benefits

Employers who wish to attract the best professionals look for ways to create office spaces that are not only appealing in design but also encourage productivity, creative thinking and much needed work flexibility. Chill out areas provide employees with these improvements by giving them time away from their own desks, allowing them to unwind and recharge their batteries. The idea is that once the worker emerges from the lounge area he/she is ready to face even the toughest of projects.

That’s where office design comes in. Beautifully planned break out rooms help with health and well-being of staff, employee retention, lower absenteeism, improves productivity and job satisfaction. These are more than just canteens or chair groupings used in meetings between colleagues. Each aspect of the interior is thoughtfully designed for promoting leisure and chill out time.

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Why color matters

Color has a substantial effect on our mood and performance, which employers are well aware of. A modern set of colors, furnishing and amenities are used to convert standard break rooms into lounge spaces that truly inspire. Even though some companies choose to use their signature colours throughout the office, the emotions that various tones evoke are worth considering. Experts suggest using more earthy and metallic shades that can be easily found in nature. Warm and cool tones combined together give us a feel of warmth and comfort. Reds and oranges boost energy levels while blues introduce tranquillity and calm. Whites and greys, sometimes however, can become poor choices as they lack energy and can result in lower confidence. To get a more striking look thicker materials (like felt) can be used in upholstery, wall panels and partitions. These solutions clearly divide the office into work, quiet, and communal zones.

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What is the most suitable furniture?

The main purpose of chill out areas is to provide workers with a hideaway, a comfortable and a relaxing place filled with calming colours and cosy furniture. It should include relaxing lounge units, standing high tables, stools and even booths. The variety of furniture encourages movement and ensures flexibility in choosing postures and conversation style. Intended mainly for employees, lounge spaces perform best when furnished with soft seating, coffee tables and a selection of accessories. These will help workers reduce stress levels, boost creativity, communicate and brainstorm. Offering additional perks like refreshments, device recharging stations and games will complete the room and impress even the pickiest of workers.

The considerable change in office design has seen many improvements -open offices, biophilic designs, water features, lounge areas and many more. The reason behind it all is to improve the working lives of employees who spend more than half their waking hours at the office.

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