Height-adjustable desks are gaining in popularity. There is no doubt about it. But what are the main reasons for the rising demand of this kind of furniture? Are they really that better than traditional desks that were, and still are, widely used in most offices around the world? Let’s have a look to the main advantages of this modern solution.

  1. Health

    Some say that “Sitting is the new smoking”. And they are right because sedentary lifestyle poses great health concerns. Lots of people are working at their desks, spending as much as 8 or more hours sitting down. This can negatively affect your health, such as low back pain or high blood pressure and obesity. Using height adjustable desk allows you to change your working position from sitting to standing. Doing that for just a few hours a day can minimalize the bad effects of long time office work on your health and help you keep fit as well!

  2. Productivity

    It is a scientific fact that sitting slows down blood, oxygen and nutrients in the circulatory system. Standing, on the other hand, is a much more active position. And it does make you feel better physically and mentally, which means having more energy and transfers into better productivity, simple as that. The answer to that need is a height adjustable desk.

  3. Ergonomics

    There is probably no need to mention the importance of workplace ergonomics. Setting up the workstation according to the persons posture is one of the primary rules of it. That is why almost all office chairs have various regulation possibilities. Why not get it to another level and equip the office with height adjustable desks? It allows its user to set up the workplace much more accurately.

  4. Convenience

    But doesn’t sit-stand transition take too long? Not at all. Electric height adjustable desks are very convenient in use. You can move it up our down with just a push of a button and it takes just seconds to do that.

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