Nowadays, more and more is being said about ergonomics. This concept became simply fashionable, but still not everyone is aware of how extremely important it is that our office furniture have been created in accordance with its rules. What can we gain thanks to the right ergonomics?


A properly adjusted reception desk should provide an employee with enough space and easy access to shelves and drawers, so that everything is within his reach and sight. These facilitations are meant to make the performance of duties faster and more efficient, which will certainly be an added value and please every employee. As a perfect example can serve our model Valde in angle, which is one of our most spacious and richly equipped products.

Valde in angle - Efficiency, ergonomics and style.


The ergonomics is designed to make the place where we work become more friendly and useful for both the employee and the client. It is proven that a huge impact on mitigating stress in the doctor's office or decreasing fatigue of clients coming to our reception after a day of work have:

  • comfortable chairs
  • functional and modern reception desk which is easy to locate
  • intuitive layout of our reception area

A great example of a reception desk, ensuring comfort and soothing the senses is our Tera Straight with corners, whose backlight allows you to find it even in the greatest darkness, while its subdued colors will arouse in your clients a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Tera Straight with corners - Functional design matching every user's needs.

Safety & Accessibility

It is extremely important for the reception to serve every customer, including those with disabilities. In accordance with this principle, an ergonomic reception desk is one that provides access for people moving on a wheelchair, for example by lowering the worktop and the heights of other elements. Each model must also meet individual requirements imposed by compulsory security standards. According to these regulations, the employee should:

  • be able to adjust his seat to an optimal height
  • have his monitor preferably at eye level
  • be able to keep his wrists straight and arms relaxed
  • have a flat surface beneath his feet

All our models are created in accordance with the above guidelines. We want them to raise the standard of your reception area and meet the expectations and needs of your customers. If you are thinking about choosing the right model and you still have many questions that remain unanswered, we invite you to contact our customer service department.