Financial sector is a part of the economy made up of companies that provide financial services to private and commercial customers. This sector includes banks, real estate, investment funds and insurance companies. What do all of them have in common? Above everything, they require customers’ trust, without it there is no possibility to be successful in this industry. But can you gain trust by just the design of your reception area? Here are few rules you should follow to do that.

  1. Don’t make it too cold!

    Try to make your customers feel relaxed. And what better way to do that than making they feel like home? Try to use seating furniture that is similar to what they have at home. The best option for that would be the Grace series, that includes an armchair, a sofa and a table. It fits perfectly in both commercial and residential spaces, and can add some warm, home atmosphere to your reception area.

  2. Be accessible and focus on the client

    The client has to feel he is welcomed. This also includes people with special needs. You need to focus on them as well. While choosing the reception desk, try to make sure it is ADA compliant. Models that include this feature are:

  3. Be traditional

    Tradition associates with safety for many people. And safety is one of people’s top priority while choosing a financial service – they want their money to be secure. Try to choose furniture with classic design and wooden finish like Valde in chestnut or Canadian oak color option.

  4. Allow privacy

    Privacy is also highly connected with safety. And it means making enough space for your employees and the customers to feel confident, relaxed and not worried about the privacy. The modular solution of Alpa reception desk allows to use every square feet of your room while still having a lot of room per client.

Gaining trust is everything when it comes to acquiring new customers in financial services. Try to make a good start using just the design of your reception area!