It goes almost without saying that reception area starts with the counter. As you only get one chance to make a good first impression - beauty salon reception desk should be eye-catching.  Interesting shape, illuminated elements, glass top or glittering front – not only do those features add an element of sophistication to any modern reception desk but also attract your clients attention from the moment they first walk in the door.

Vibrant finishes, illuminated kick plate and a wide range of options available – designed to improve working comfort it becomes the focal point of every reception area.

Gain the right first impression with well-organised and tidy looking waiting area, since it gives the feel of high standards of care and professionalism. A salon reception desk should be highly customizable so that you can adapt it to the space available for use. With this in mind, choose multifunctional modular reception counter allowing you to keep it organised to perform better. Even if your lobby isn’t spacious you can select small salon reception desk. Thanks to an array of options such as lower modules, additional drawer, built-in storage or castors for mobility you can adjust it to the way you work improving the comfort of use. What is also of vital importance is the economic aspect - thanks to its flexible design you won’t have to spend a lot, if you want to revamp your space. 

Simple and eye-catching at the same time - designed not only for visual appeal is Zen a perfect pick for less spacious beauty salon especially when fitted with castors.

If you want to enhance first visual impression your entrance makes, you should think about quintessential modern reception desk. Combining simplicity with functionality it strengthens your company brand. Thanks to its design your beauty salon simply sticks in clients’ minds. As it is the first thing your clients see entering your beauty salon, it should also evoke the feel of being up-to-date and depict your fresh attitude. Appealing beauty salon reception desk crafted with attention to details surely grants you additional points with clients. Not forget about economic aspect – featuring functionality and timeless style provides a modern reception desk a cost-effective solution.

Attract more clients and increase your revenues thanks to a modern reception desk. Improve the relationship with your client and make sure that your counter does the job for you!