Green is associated with nature and spring freshness. It can be used in an interior arrangement to introduce natural inspirations into rooms. Its popularity is not the result of just temporary trend, but a general tendency. Survey by Lee Ellisa and Christopher Fick on the color preferences shows that most of women chose green as their favorite color, while for men it was the second after blue. Positive connotations of green makes it a very interesting color to use in office interiors.

Closer to nature

Green improves well-being, helps to relax and regenerates strength. According to various studies, it needs to look at a green plant just for half a minute to reduce stress level. Green will work in informal spaces designed for leisure, but also for laid-back, creative teamwork. It is worth considering in places where stressful situations are often.

It helps in negotiations, creates an atmosphere of trust, allows the important decisions to be made much easier. In opposite to red it symbolizes acceptance, we can take the traffic lights as an example. Basing conference rooms or open spaces on green helps to keep the emotional balance on the right level.


It is very interesting that green is basically free of negative connotations. Historically, it symbolized bad powers and diseases, which is reflected in the color of poisons seen in fairy tales for children, but today we do not associate it in this way. It is used in hospitals and health centers with positive results. Research by scientists at Kansas State University shown that patients located in green rooms needed less painkillers, had lower blood pressure, and were more cheerful. It is easy to guess that similar reactions can be expected among employees.


It needs just one wall painted in green or the use of upholstered furniture in this color to make a difference. It is a perfect color to break monochrome interiors, giving them the character of a place to rest. Its good companion is also white, giving the greenery a pastel look. Green blends well with black in elegant offices, while optically enlarging the interior.

Biophilia observes nature and draws inspiration from it, also in terms of color combinations. That is why it is not surprising to combine green with brown and beige. Bright shades, like pastel yellow, blue or white will brighten the green. It is important to know, however, that a bright green combined with bright blue reduces activity, so it is a better choice for a chill out rooms rather than workspaces.

Green is a supercolor. It can both stimulate hard work as well as relax. Try to use some in your office interiors.