It is well known that in the service sector a good contact with your customer is both the most important and the most difficult one to achieve. Acquiring a new customer is a complex process that consists of many elements. The techniques that prove to be the most efficient in case of any hair salon are buzz marketing and positive previous experiences. Before we make an appointment, we usually decide to pay a visit to a salon, in order to see what it looks like and what is the level of service it provides. Therefore, the aesthetic aspect plays a key role in here.

How to make a customer come in and stay?

    • Place should be cheerful, colorful and relaxing.

A hair salon should be associated by everyone with relaxation and a momentary detachment from the monotony and troubles of everyday life. Therefore, a reception desk should add a bit of color and optimism to the room. The model that perfectly fulfills this function is certainly Foro. In addition, its geometric shapes will perfectly reflect the artistic soul of your salon.

Foro Reception Desk - Elegant in any environment.

    • Reception area should be comfortable.

A convenience is yet another aspect that should not be neglected. Therefore, it is important to make sure that both the chairs in the waiting room and the reception desk's chair provide comfort. Inadequate reception furniture can cause our client a growing sense of irritation, which can be too overwhelming and may trigger customers to leave the place. On the other hand, as a result of growing discomfort our employee may feel less obligated to serve customers in a way that is friendly and inviting to the next visit. We must not forget that the discomfort felt by the receptionist is also reflected in his attitude and approach to work.

    • Should be modern.

The modern interior design and the design of your reception desk should signalize to customers that the place they found themselves into hires only professional hairdressers who are well aware of the newest trends and techniques. It is highly recommended to avoid an old-fashioned style because this may scare off potential customers. Seeing the usual or boring interior decoration and a receptionist without smile, most people simply leave without a word. A modern reception desk which attracts customers and does not repel them is hard to find, so you should seriously seek advice or think it over before you decide on buying a particular model. An interesting proposal in terms of design is certainly our model Arctic Summer. The front that resembles cracking ice will certainly interest potential customers.

Arctic Summer - Modern, rupturist and interesting shapes.

    • Should be friendly.

The reception desk is to encourage contact and make a potential customer to approach it willingly. It should not be a barrier between the receptionist and the client, but enable a better communication. It should encourage contact and facilitate it, as it does our Valde with low top.

ABC of reception desks

We already know what a proper reception desk should represent, in order to intrigue and entice a customer to the next visit. It is a high time to find out which one to choose, so that it is also functional and suits our needs.

  • Size - should depend on the surface of a salon and should not occupy too much of its space
  • Backlight - preferably multi-colored LED that can be adjusted to the time of day or help to create the right mood
  • Colors - it is desirable to combine a vivid color with another more subdued one i.e. yellow with white
  • Functionality - the possibility of placing leaflets or other advertising materials without the need to limit visibility or access
  • Finishing touch - if the interior is modern, it is preferred to use HPL materials and a glossy front
  • Choice of materials - not every salon has a large budget, therefore you should choose a reception desk that does not require a compromise between the quality and price; we offer a wide range of materials of highest quality but at different prices; if the purchase concerns one of our models, you will not have to worry about it anymore
  • Modular system - thanks to this solution, a reception desk can fit into absolutely any space

The above-mentioned points are the determinants of the ideal reception desk, but the needs of each salon are different, as well as preferences. If you are wondering what desk is the best possible choice for your place, we encourage you to contact our expert.