HoReCa is simply an acronym for Hotel/Restaurant/Café. It originated in Europe and also getting popular in the U.S.. HoReCa is of the fastest growing economy sector in the world, yet very demanding and challenging for the business owners, imposing competition on each and every detail which has to be buttoned up. It goes without saying that furniture is one of the most important ones.

We’ll take a look at each section of HoReCa and their specifications:

    1. Hotels

      Reception area is probably the most important organizational unit in the hotel. It will always be the place of the first contact between the hotel and the guest. Nevertheless, not only leaving a good impression would be the ultimate target of this reception area, but also would be receiving everyone including people with special needs. That is why ALPA reception desk is not only very stylish, but also ADA compliant while configured with low top.

    1. Restaurants

      There is no exact reception area in most restaurants but a small stand for a host is a necessity in more formal places. Smallest reception desks in our offer include WAVE with low top or LINEA straight; both are available in compact options and will fit in perfectly.

    1. Café

      One of the most important factor for customers while choosing a café is definitely the atmosphere, and interior design takes a huge part in creating it. Our seating range includes a lot of interesting pieces including the newest family of products, GRACE, containing a sofa, an armchair and two tables. With their timeless, elegant shape with a touch of modern design will provide an extra value in every trendy cafeteria.