Reception is inseparably connected with hotels. But how did they change throughout history and what the future holds? To find out, we will trace their evolvement since the very beginning.

1. Ancient times

Did you know first organized facilities offering hospitality dates back to 3,000 BC? They were located on the main trade routes. The basic services included accommodation and luggage storage. First formalized and government controlled “mansiones” were built in the Roman Empire and were located in a distance of day’s ride on horseback from each other.

2. Middle Ages.

In the medieval Europe a precursor of modern Day hotel was introduced. Inn was a place for travelers where they could lodge and, usually, food and drink – bed and breakfast as we could call it nowadays. It led directly to opening of the first establishment to call itself a “hotel” in London in 1774.

3. 19th-20th century.

19th and 20th centuries in specific bring the whole new quality of life to everyone. Economic boom changed the hotel industry as well and transformed it to what we know today. The main target was no longer accommodation only but also a whole combination of services to give a little bit of aristocratic way of life to the public.

4. Hotels of tomorrow

It’s always difficult to predict the future but the current trend allows us to think that the next evolution of hotels will be very exciting in terms of interior design and technology. To match that tendency, we offer very futuristic reception desk – the Zig-Zag. With its RGBW LED lighting hidden behind translucent Plexiglas definitely will impress every guest. Another piece to match the reception desk would be the Canoe lamp; very modern both in shape and style, would be a perfect finish touch in your hotel of the future that is available today!

Zig-Zag, the future is now.

Canoe, let its shape bring your reception area to a next level .