When we think about a law firm, it suddenly occurs to us that we associate it mostly with professionalism and a vast amount of knowledge acquired by its lawyers. Hoping that our problem will be solved quickly and effectively, we usually go to the law firms that have raised our confidence. It is trust that is the most important element in the selection process, therefore, we should take a moment and think what is the best way of building and maintaining it. What motivates a customer to use services of a particular law firm and what can influence his decision to a large extent?

First impressions are everything

In each law firm we go to, the first point of contact is always the reception desk. This is a place where we can:

  • obtain the necessary information,
  • arrange, move or cancel our visit,
  • inform about earlier arrival,
  • ask for help,
  • collect all relevant documents,
  • fill out forms or questionnaires,

The first impression is always based on the visual aspect, it also largely affects the way we perceive a given place, and what associations it evokes in us. We recommend you to think carefully about the choice of reception furniture and the appropriate interior design before making any purchase decisions. These two elements are extremely important when creating the image influencing the subconsciousness of our clients.

Linea Straight - Always making a good impression.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a modern reception desk?

Before and now

The era of traditional and massive reception desks made of solid, heavy wood is long gone. However, until recent times they were sort of a showcase for many legal institutions. Currently, both design and materials used for the production of reception furniture have changed. Clichéd projects and functionalities are replaced by modern solutions such as:

  • LED backlight system
  • light and extremely durable HPL material
  • wide range of colors
  • modular system
  • durable and effective finishing materials

The ideal reception desk to the office should therefore have:

  • large size (adapted to the size of the room and it must not be too overwhelming)
  • subdued colors - preferably wood-like but different combinations with neutral shades of gray and white are also desirable (in legal institutions it might be a good idea to use some black accents, which emphasize the prestige and rank of a given place)
  • finishing elements of the highest quality, i.e. tempered glass (remember that elegance and prestige go hand in hand)
  • functionality (all tools for work and documents remain out of the client's eyesight so that the desk looks neat and remains well-organized)
  • location - should be placed in the most central place possible and be disabled-friendly

The models such as Tera with low top or Linea in angle are very popular among law firms.

Tera Reception Desk in white and canadian oak - A sweet and formal combination.

We are perfectly aware of the importance of choosing the right reception desk. Should you have any questions or seek an expert advice, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department.