Lounge area is definitely an important place in a reception area, especially in hotels or office buildings. Because of that, it requires a well-thought-out plan before designing and equipping it. However, if we follow few simple rules, it doesn’t have to be very difficult. We just have to answer couple of questions.

  1. How many visitors would you have?

    This is probably the most important question you need to answer. Based on that, you will be able to count the seating places required and how much furniture you need to have. There is nothing worse than having not enough places to sit for your visitors or wasting your valuable space with too much furniture.

  2. What will they do?

    Will they just sit and wait? Will they have meetings there? Will they need a place to write or sign documents? Based on it you will need to provide the required equipment such as tables or the amount of lighting.

  3. How much time are they going to spend?

    This determines what type of seating furniture you will need. If the visitors tend not to spend too much time in your lounge area you can choose chairs, but if not you should go with pieces like armchairs or sofas to provide more comfort.

  4. How often do they come?

    Based on the answer you have to choose the materials of the furniture. The more visited your lounge space will be the more usage and damage resistant they have to be. This rule will save you from further restoration or replacement costs.

If you answered the questions, you are ready to choose your lounge area furniture. You now know what your needs are and based on them you will easily choose the right pieces. Check out some of the models from our offer that will be perfect for that: