A lot has been said about what we should do while designing a reception area. But how about what we shouldn’t do? Now it’s time to talk about the don’ts – common mistakes that we have to avoid.

  1. Too small worktop

    One of the most important things you need to have in mind while choosing the reception desk is its style. Based on how many people will be working there, and what they will do – you have to calculate the size of the worktop needed. There is nothing worse than lack of space to work!

  2. Wrong colors

    Picking the right color can make the space optically larger, brighter and more attractive. While choosing colors for your furniture and walls, it's best to discuss your decision with a specialist who can tell you whether it is a shade that suits your needs or not. Please don’t forget to check our article about colors in a reception area as well.

  3. Lack of balance between comfort and beauty

    A beautiful appearance is not enough. The reception area has to be above all comfortable and practical place to work. While designing, invest in comfortable seating places both for a receptionist and the visitors. It will make their time spent in a reception area much more pleasant!

  4. Choosing the wrong material

    In order to choose the right material, we should start with defining what style of the whole we are interested in - modern, minimalistic or traditional. The materials are usually connected with style – wooden finish for more classic interior or futuristic metal one? There is much to choose from, within the limits of your budget.

  5. Lack of individuality

    The reception area has to make a statement and show individual characteristics of the company. Try to add some personal elements, such as company values which is something that will make the reception area unique!

Don’t rush while choosing the furniture for your reception area, take your time to avoid mentioned mistakes and choose your perfect pieces from our offer.