Certainly you have repeatedly seen reception desks with interesting and unconventional shapes, which, despite all their modernity and a lot of fanciful design, had something about them that made them look familiar or evoke in us some associations. Not all reception furniture are only modernist blocks detached from reality and soulless. It just so happens that many of these seemingly futuristic models subconsciously refer to the elements of the world around us, such as nature or objects that we can easily find in our everyday life. Our series of reception furniture has many secrets. Let's find out what has become an inspiration to create them!

Bazalto – let it rock your customers’ hearts

One of the biggest brain-teasers among our collection are certainly poufs with this very graceful name. Customers asked about the origin of our reception desks are more likely to point out some of the geometric shapes rather than something that can be found in nature. Nothing more wrong! It may be surprising that these seats take their name from the hexagonal shape of the stones. This particular type of rock occurs mainly in the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. The shape taken from nature and fabulous colors are the combination perfectly suited for furniture intended for the relaxation zone in waiting rooms, lobbies or simply in modern offices.

Bazalto - Irish nature inspiration.

Arctic Summer - let it break the first ice

The reception desk is a reference both to urban public space with special regard to components, such as straight shape of the streets or graffiti, and to the popular phenomenon occurring in nature - cracking ice. When designing this model, Charles Kalpakian was also inspired by the contrast between emptiness and fullness. Therefore, it is safe to say that Arctic Summer is a combination of many influences and many inspirations. This reception desk is the example of an ideally preserved balance between nature and the environment created by man, thanks to which it will easily become an integral part of any clinic and doctors' office. Its white and blue version will allow your patients to relax and soothe the nerves, while other color versions will be an excellent choice for those who crave to give the room a bit of color and character.

Arctic Summer - Cracking ice reveries.

Organic – in harmony with nature

As the name suggests, this model refers strictly to nature and its simplest forms. Organic shapes enclosed in a white housing allow you to find solace and forget about the momentum we live in, but also about the pain and stress of everyday life. The shapes are highlighted by a bright glow-tubes. The model will perfectly serve its purpose in spa cabinets, hair salons or modern offices.

Organic - Inspired by the most basic nature.

Alpa – brings you the best customer’s chain

Looking at this reception desk, we immediately know that it suggests to us the idea of something interminable. Although we often can not specify what it reminds us of, we are certain that it arouses only positive associations. In the process of creation of this particular model, designers modeled on the Alpine mountain ranges and their reflection can be observed in the unusual design of our Alpa. By definition, it is supposed to be a combination of luxury and simplicity, and this balance can be easily obtained by providing countless modular combinations and the best finishing materials. In our opinion, it fits perfectly in institutions and medical facilities.

Alpa - Feel the touch of the Swiss Alps!

Wave – make your business go with the flow

The unusual and slightly curved shape from the first look reminds us of the undulating surface of water. Your intuition does not fault you because it really is the wave of the ocean that has inspired us to create this reception desk. The original front of this reception desk reminds its makers of a dormant ocean wave and when give it a closer look, we can easily see that they are quite right. Available in many colors and modular versions, thus ideally suited for almost all reception areas.

Wave - Let your reception be smooth like the sea!

Sunbeam – only the bright side

The lamp, by definition, was supposed to replace the daylight and although there are so many models available on the market, only a few of them got close enough. The light should be similar to the sun's rays - their intensity and brightness. Sunbeam is the fruit of our many years of experience, as well as the ingenuity and innovative approach of our designers.We were unable to push the sun into the bulb, but we managed to close its rays in it. After changing your existing lamp to this model, you will immediately notice the difference. It is elegant, simple and available in subdued colors, which makes it a perfect fit for nearly any room.

Sunbeam - The purest light you can get for your office.

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