“necessity or obligation created by some situation”
Collins English Dictionary

When it comes to business it’s vital to identify needs – both yours and your clients. But what does your reception area needs?

    1. Formal or laid back.

      First try to think about the atmosphere you want to create. If you want to go more official check out the Tera range. With its classic shape and wooden or white finish it will fit perfectly in your reception area. On the other side, for more casual interiors, we recommend the Arctic Summer. Extravagant reception desk inspired by ice floes will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

    1. Dark or bright.

      A very important factor would be the amount of natural light in your reception area. In darker spaces – white colored and lightened desks like Organic will help to brighten them. In bright ones – high gloss panels of Linea will shine beautifully in the sunlight.

    1. Classic or modern.

      Depending on the age of the customers you can either go more classic or more modern with the design. The answer to that would be the Foro range. With its timeless shape, it can fit in both perfectly. It’s the big variety of colors where you can match your style. From black, white or burgundy for more traditional reception areas to lime and orange finish for more contemporary ones.

    1. Long, narrow or wide.

      Size of the room might be an issue sometimes, but not with Valde. It comes with multiple different shapes and options in each segment where you can easily build your perfect reception desk by yourself. Not only can it be configured for your business requirements, but also the size and shape of your reception area.

Fulfilling your reception’s needs is a beginning to fulfill the needs of your customers.