Not without reason, orange is a color often being used as a main theme by companies in the telecommunications industry. It is the universal symbol of communication, and its presence in the office or home space stimulates attention and supports social relations. Therefore, it is worth considering in the zones of interpersonal contacts, especially if it is accompanied by a relaxing blue.

Orange is considered the most joyful one of all colors. It comforts people and introduces an optimistic mood. It combines the energy of red and heat of the yellow. But a lot depends on the shade. Colors less saturated have an effect similar to yellow and positively affect the quality of work. On the other hand, juicy variants, add energy, without being as overwhelming as red. Orange has a stimulating effect, thanks to which it will be liked by hard workers.

This color is recommended in all places, where uninterrupted and free discussion is important. It will work perfectly in conference rooms or brainstorm zones. However, it should not be used excessively in offices designed for concentration and quiet work.

It is very interesting that green is basically free of negative connotations. Historically, it symbolized bad powers and diseases, which is reflected in the color of poisons seen in fairy tales for children, but today we do not associate it in this way. It is used in hospitals and health centers with positive results. Research by scientists at Kansas State University shown that patients located in green rooms needed less painkillers, had lower blood pressure, and were more cheerful. It is easy to guess that similar reactions can be expected among employees.

The orange environment boosts energy and adds courage. Just stay out of the excess of bright tones which might be overwhelming. Skillful balance of proportions increase creativity and concentration. Feng-shui masters recommend using orange in the kitchens and dining rooms because of the ability to stimulate the appetite. Halls and corridors are also a good place; an orange at the entrance to the building informs guests that they are warmly welcomed.

It's a universal color. It fits both in raw, natural interiors as well as makes a great background for minimalist white or industrial gray. The company of those colors makes the interior look elegant. Orange combined with white and black bring out the full energy of the color and while mixed with a complementary blue it makes a cool retro climate.