Frederic Beigbeder used to say that color purple was invented by the Parisians in order to stop peasants from interrupting breakfasts in Café de Flore. The writer's maliciousness has a cultural background, violet has always been associated with prestige and elegance.

Purple elegance.

High cost of obtaining the key pigment, the so-called Tyrian purple, meant that for a long time, this luxury was only available for royal and aristocratic families. Nowadays purple is used in perfumes to highlight the uniqueness of the fragrance. It is also a color used in sweets packaging to suggest their high quality. It can have a similar function in the office interiors, indicating the position and prestige of the host. This impression can be also emphasized by juxtaposing purple with black in well balanced proportions. Deep and vivid Ultra Violet was chosen color of the year 2018. Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute, justifying their decision, highlighted the visionary, provocative and creative character of the color. She encouraged us to break those stereotypes. Purple is still very rarely used in interiors. It is a difficult color that requires a great deal of concentration. However, it has very positive connotations and it is really worth to be used in office interiors.


Purple is especially good to those who prefers working alone. It works well in single-person offices, preferably those which belong to employees on management positions. Purple stimulates creativity and gives an energy kick. Those attributes are especially the domain of intense and fully saturated shades. More subtle variants have a calming effect and reduce stress symptoms. It is not without reason that this color is associated with spirituality and mysticism. For this reason, it is often present in places of meditation. It also fits in more casual and informal spaces like chill out rooms or lounge areas and can be a dominant color of furniture there.

Rockwool realization in Poznań.

Color matching.

The combination of violet and black mentioned above is especially eye-catching among the possible color combinations. It is a duo that fits both elegant and official places. On the other hand, the composition combining violet and white is a reference to the fashionable Norwegian style in the interior design.

Rockwool realization in Poznań.

Purple, thanks to its wide range of shades, can be used in multiple arrangements and variants, which allows you to experiment and be creative.