Reception area is an extremely important place in a hotel. It is not only a place that guests see first, but also where they spend a lot of time during their stay.

It means hotel receptions are usually very spacious and allows you to be creative with the size, color or arrangement of furniture, but at the same time, you have to be careful as too many items and decorations can be overwhelming and give the impression of chaos. So you need to choose your furniture wisely and depending on your guests actual needs. Let’s take a look at which pieces from Reception Planet are most suitable for this purpose.

Reception Desk

The main part of the reception area is the counter desk with employees' workplaces. It should be located in a place that will not only be easy to spot by arriving travelers, but also allow receptionists to observe the whole room. The size of reception area in a hotel usually allows us to choose bigger models. The perfect items for that, including size and appearance, would be:

  1. Lobby

    Lobby is an integral part of the hotel reception area. It is a place for guest where they can sit while waiting for check-in or transport, as well as spend time relaxing, planning trips or working. That means we need to concentrate on three factors: comfortability, functionality and style. There are two families of products that are almost designed for hotel spaces:

    • Bazalto – functional and fun. The range includes poufs and a table and allows you to create multiple combinations depending on your needs.

    • Grace – elegant and timeless. The range includes an armchair, a sofa and a table. The design is very universal, it will fit perfectly in modern spaces as well as traditional ones.

Remember that good customer experience is the best advertisement of your hotel. And it all starts and ends with the reception area.