A reception desk is quite essential for many businesses. It should be an integral element of every space and blend in perfectly. The range of colours will therefore have a great importance when choosing the right desk for example to:

  • hair&beauty salons
  • massage rooms
  • SPA

The Beauty salon reception desk must be ideally suited to the interior design and harmonize with its concept, so that it would be visible but not stand out. Please bear in mind that it should not take too much space, therefore an interesting solution for small spaces with a big potential would be the Zen reception desk. This product has been designed with a view to small size and high aesthetic qualities, and thanks to the possibility of personalization of many of its elements, it will meet all requirements.

Zen - sophisticated reception desk ideal for limited spaces.

The reception is also a kind of showcase of a given place, so it is designed to encourage customers to contact our staff and to get information. This feature is particularly important in places such as:

  • doctor's offices
  • law firms
  • hotels

In this case, it is all about the simplicity and modernity.We musn't forget about the prestige of a place, which translates directly into higher requirements not only in terms of appearance or dimensions but also the quality of the workmanship and materials used. The Modern reception desk should be the culmination of all these features, as well as give the environment a proper character. From a wide range of reception desks, it is hard to choose and match the one that is the most appropriate. To all supporters of simple solutions with extraordinary design who value quality at a good price, we would strongly recommend to consider the purchase of the Valde Straight model.

Valde Straight - Entrance reception desk with stunning glass top.

When choosing a desk, one should always bear in mind the specificity of the place, the type of customer we will serve, as well as practical and aesthetic considerations, which are an extremely important element. Making a purchasing decision should be considered carefully, so if in doubt, it is always best to consult our specialist. The reception is an important element of your business, so make sure that the purchase of its equipment will bring the desired effect.