Our offer of furniture may look like it is intended only for commercial use. But there are a lot of pieces that will fit perfectly in residential spaces as well. Best way to illustrate that is by dividing a house interior into parts and taking a look at what models would be the best option for each one of them.

    1. Living Room

      The living room is usually the main common space in most houses, and it is also the most representative place. You want to stun your guests with the design of it, but at the same time you want it to be very comfortable and cozy. And this is the exact description of the two families of the seating pieces we offer: Grace and Mesh. Impressive design and comfort in use are their main characteristics.

    2. Kitchen and Dining Room

      Those two spaces would be the second most daily used, just after the living room, but their characteristics are slightly different. The furniture has to be, above all, functional. The chairs you choose have to be easy to clean, with appropriate height and follow the design of the room. With its minimalistic looks and customizability options – New School – will fit every interior. And with a wide range of high stools and chairs, it is a perfect option for kitchens and dining rooms.

    1. Kid's Room

      When thinking about the design of the kids’ room, first things that come to mind are colorfulness and references to animals, plants and other environmental elements. That is why the Bazalto poufs will fit perfectly here. Its design is inspired by a rock formation on the coast of Northern Ireland and it comes in many different colors. Your kids will definitely love it!

    1. Home Office

      Home office should be an efficient and productive place to work. Furniture you choose for this room has to be ergonomically designed, but don’t forget about the looks as well. It has to be a place you feel good in. Try pieces from our Ultra range and your work can be much more pleasant.

  1. All Spaces

    The last, but not least important – lamps. Each of the above rooms will need some light. Discrete in colors and shape, yet very impressive in matter of design, models from our lighting collection will be a perfect final touch in your residential interior arrangement.