We all know that our enjoyment of food comes from much more than just its taste. It is often said that “We eat with our eyes”, which means that, in order to attract customers, we have to make sure that both the dish and the interior look good. Of course we will focus on the second one, precisely the most important range of furniture in the restaurant – seating. Here is a brief guideline to help you choose what you need.

  1. Quality over quantity

    If your budget is limited, opt for chairs and tables that are made from quality materials. They might be a little more expensive but resist the urge to pack as much cheap seating into your available space as possible, and you don’t want your clients to be squashed in your restaurant like sardines in a tin. They will appreciate it and surly notice the quality.

  2. Comfort

    Some chairs have adjustable seat height, some are rotatable or have armrests but, considering the comfort of customers, chairs should be above all comfortable, stable and durable. They should be made of solid materials, resistant to scratches and damage.

  3. Finishing

    Currently, chairs upholstered with leather and eco-leather or finished in natural veneer are the most trendy. Both types fit the classic as well as modern, practical interiors. But try to make sure the finishing is made of easy-to-clean materials and remember that whatever you choose it will play a vital role in the overall design of your restaurant.

  4. An armchair or a chair?

    Although an armchair is technically a type of chair, it has some intrinsic characteristics. It is usually upholstered, has a lower seat and, as its name suggests, armrests. It will fit best in the interiors like a café rather than fast-food restaurant as the customers tend to spend more time in them. Products from our offer that will fit perfectly in a restaurant or café include: