Scandinavian design is one of the most popular lately. It’s main characteristic is definitely simplicity. Let’s find out what rules do we have to follow while designing a perfect Scandinavian interior.

    1. Colors

      Scandinavian style incorporates different shades of whites and grays as we want to make a room look as spacious as possible, this includes wall colors and furniture as well. The reception desk that follows this rule is Alpa which with its clean, geometric lines and calm, natural color options will be a perfect choice.

    1. Colorful accents

      The main color of interior is an excellent background for strong, colorful accessories. Why not spice it up with a Vivid Red or Turquoise Bazalto puffs. Their hexagonal shape inspired by rocks will add some nature inspired touch as well.

    1. Inspired by nature

      Speaking about nature, Scandinavians love it. And it is very often an inspiration in the design. One of the reception desks in our offer is a perfect example of that trend. Organic is, as its name suggests, filled with organic shapes.

    1. Wood

      The most valuable wealth of the Scandinavian Peninsula is of course wood. It is very common material used in the Scandinavian style interiors. It is one of the finish options for the New School chairs which are designed by the Swedish design studio - Form Us With Love.