Many different people walk through your school door every day – prospective students, new members of staff or a parent. You have to make sure that the first impression you create is a good one and don’t forget about the needs of your clients - students. Today we will take a look at three most important factors while designing a school reception area.

  1. Needs of a client

    Younger students tend to like a more colorful reception area, while the older, for example at the university, prefer more calm and traditional design. It is important to choose a reception area with understanding of the audience. Reception desks like Foro allow you to customize the product and are perfect for any type of educational institutes.

  2. Comfort

    Comfortable seating areas for parents or students where they can have a private conversation and be offered a hot drink area vital part of the reception area. With its elegant, comfortable design Grace family, which includes an armchair, sofa and a table will be just perfect for that purpose and they come with different color options to match the reception desk.

  3. Place for students works

    The last thing is something no store can have in its offer, yet it is available for you and is one the best advertisement of your school - your students works. It is nice to have a space in a reception area to show them to the visitors. Choose the most representative place like the wall behind the reception desk. It will be a perfect finish to your school reception area!