Please note that the reception area is a lot more than adequate interior and good looking furniture. Nowadays, what counts above all is the functionality and providing the right comfort for both our employees and clients waiting for their turn. Do not allow your reception furniture to deter or bring any discomfort to your customers! Let us help you choose the right models - you will not regret it!

Uncomfortable past

Each of us probably remembers that 20 years ago little was said about the reception space and its functionality. The materials used for the production of reception furniture were not very advanced so that in order to obtain a product that was sufficiently durable, rather coarse materials such as wood were used. Not the quality mattered but quantity. All you needed to do was to order a certain number of chairs to meet the demand and believe that your customer will come anyway. Due to the low interest in design, and practically zero customer focus, no wonder that reception furniture was not the most convenient and did not encourage any client to come back.

What comes to our mind when we think of old-fashioned seating furniture for the reception area:

  • heavy
  • hard
  • flammable fabric
  • susceptible to any dirt
  • not adapted to the needs of disabled people

Fortunately, over time, the approach to creating reception furniture has changed significantly, which in turn directly improved the standards and translated into higher comfort provided for the average Joe.

Comfortable now

At present, it is safe to say that the number of companies offering the same services per one Joe is almost overwhelming. Now, the client decides where he will go to seek medical advice or which hairdresser he will choose. Nowadays, the company is striving for a client and trying to do everything to make him loyal to the brand. In the era of constant rat race between the companies and pro-customer attitude, attention should be paid to even the smallest details, which can potentially have a huge impact on whether or not we can satisfy the customer. Have you ever wondered what can have a huge impact on the well-being of the client in your reception area?

1. Functionality

Each of us has many times had the opportunity to come to the hairdresser or massage salon and be informed that one has to wait a while. In this situation, we usually head towards the seating reception furniture prepared for waiting clients. At present, every reception chair should be created in accordance with ergonomics. For the convenience of our customers, all chairs are made of lightweight materials so that they can be easily put away or lifted. Each of our models is also adapted to the needs of individual customer so that your business addresses targeted group of customers and does not create obstacles but solutions. As a perfect example can serve our Mesh F which is classy, stylish and provides a number of customization options.

Mesh - A modern seating unit with a classic soul.

2. Comfort

For the comfort of your customers, it is important that the seats are equipped with armrests and comfortable upholstery. If you run a clinic both for children and adults, then you should make sure that your reception area includes small and large reception chairs. It will be difficult for children to climb a normal chair and get out of it, which can also be dangerous if they try to do it themselves. An ideal solution would be our Bazalto sets, which can be adjusted to both grown up and small patients. The padding should be soft and easy to clean. Make sure that the armrests are at the correct height. The backrest in order to relieve the spine, should be properly contoured in accordance with the principles of ergonomics.

Remember that modern seating furniture for your reception area must provide a combination of functionality and comfort. In case any more questions arise, please contact our customer service department.

Bazalto Seats - Multifunctional solution for any waiting room.

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