It is no surprise that the health and fitness industry continues to grow. People are very health-conscious and getting fit has become a lifestyle, at the same time according to the CDC, almost 70% of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight, meaning there are still a lot of potential customers to attract. And what better way to do that than improving the looks of your reception?

    1. Spa and Wellness

      Up to 80% of customers choose the SPA saloons based on the online photo galleries. So it is important to stand out both in matters of design, cleanliness or originality. Organic reception desk not only offers functionality but also very interesting looks. Its front part is inspired by nature itself and will be the best option for every Spa or Wellness reception area.

    1. Sport Clubs and Stadiums

      Stadiums always were and will be a place to spend weekends for many people – really a lot of people. That means that the reception area is always much bigger the in any other buildings. It requires very long reception desk as well. The answer for that is Valde reception desk. It is easily customizable in terms of size, but also finishes – to match you team colors.

    1. Gym

      One out of every five Americans attend gym, or at least pay for a season ticket. That is a lot of customers, but how can you make sure they choose your gym? There are a lot of factors, from price, location or equipment, however when a customer comes to trial yours, he will most probably inspect your reception area. It is natural as it will be the first thing he sees. Zig-Zag reception desk is a real eye-catcher and the best option you can choose. With its futuristic design and RGBW LED lighting system that allows you to change colors of the light, it will gain your gym a lot of new members.