Not every place has a large space that can be easily filled and adjusted without having to compromise. Small places are often a bane and a challenge for many interior designers. It is quite difficult to come up with the innovative solutions that would be practical, comfortable and at the same time have an extraordinary design. The most troublesome is usually the right selection of office reception furniture and accessories. Choosing a reception desk is certainly not a piece of cake, but do not worry! We know a perfect solution!

Just not too bright and not too dark!

Due to the fact that the space is very limited, we should avoid cluttering that could potentially lead to its visual minimizing. There are a few simple tricks that allow us to customize it according to our needs, but preserving some order and moderation:

  • bright colors not only refresh and brighten the room, but also make it look much bigger than it actually is
  • by far the best colors for wall coverage are:
    • white
    • cream
    • ecru
  • it is extremely important to use subdued colors and avoid too vivid shades
  • a small space is primarily small details that make up a single unit and create both atmosphere and character of the place
  • if the room itself is bright, do not hesitate to use red or blue elements to break its monotony
  • choose accessories carefully, because excess of them may cause that the room seems to be cluttered and visually reduced

Functionality above all

If the room is small and not very functional, choosing the right reception furniture becomes a challenge. A modern reception desk that must be matched in size, but at the same time incredibly easy to arrange is hard to find. It will probably be the largest and most visible element, therefore, we should make sure that:

  • its design is modern and suitable for the room
  • provides comfort to those who work with it
  • is very capacious
  • has many practical solutions such as:
    • numerous drawers for document storing
    • storage compartments for office supplies
    • enough space for placing all accessories and devices

Modular solutions are definitely the most convenient and the most desirable in this situation. The reason is very simple- they give us freedom to make our own adjustments. Such a solution is applied in our model - ZEN Reception Desk. It can be easily adapted to a given place, while maintaining its full functionality. If you consider buying something slightly more classic and elegant which also consist of modules, we would highly recommend you to take a closer look at our model Tera Straight, which is one of the most popular models in our collection.

Zen - sophisticated reception desk ideal for limited spaces.

Tera Straight with corners - Flexibility beyond any stereotypes.

How to arrange narrow spaces?

Usually, when the room is not only small, but also narrow, interior designers propose to paint the walls with two different colors. This simple trick creates an optical zoom effect and the room seems to be bigger than it actually is. If we do not want to paint the wall in a colorful zebra, we can think about choosing the perfect combination of colors for our reception desk. We offer many products that perfectly meet these criteria and offer a wide range of shades to choose from. Foro's fronts are available in:

  • white
  • red
  • orange
  • green

Foro Reception Desk - Colorful geometry.

Together with the white casing this contemporary reception desk will surely blend into even the smallest space! A proper reception desk can change more than you think - call and ask our expert!