It was once said that we “buy with our eyes”. We pay attention to elements like color, design and other external features. But there are many more aspects we need to have in mind while choosing a reception area furniture. Let’s take a closer look at some of the less obvious ones.

  1. Accesibility

    It is on the top of our list because of its importance. Its definition would be "ability to access” and is the concept that focuses on enabling access for people with special needs. If you find this feature a necessity, I recommend you to choose one of our ADA compliant models of reception desks such as Foro, Ovo or Valde.

  2. Ergonomics

    Everyone knows this word, but what exactly stands behind it? It is an application of psychological and physiological principles that ensures maximum work efficiency in a way that does not cause negative health effects and deterioration of users' health. Models like Ultra F and Ultra K from our seating range are equipped with an unique, soft cushioned backrest that ensures the comfort for everyone.

  3. Safety

    Not only health safety such as mentioned ergonomics but also privacy. It is vital to have a place in a reception area that allows to hold a private conversation and to have a place to keep the documents safely. It is especially important in the businesses that demands storage of personal or financial data. The answer to that are storage cabinets with included patent lock. Remember safety is always number one priority!

  4. Keep it clean

    Many people are obsessed about the cleanliness of their homes but pay no attention to the cleanliness of their work. But as we spend similar amount of time both at home and at work, simple lines of our reception desks with their lacobel or MDF tops make them very easy to clean. Add a cable cabinet to keep the wires of the sight and your reception area will be spotless.