Many objects of everyday use, including tools and equipment used for work have changed over decades. Just as the phones and computers from 20 years ago are no longer similar to their modern counterparts, the office reception furniture have been improved and adapted to the dynamically changing reality. If you ask what has changed since the 90s to the moment we are now, we will respond immediately - absolutely everything!

Material revolution

In the 90's and the beginning of the 21st century materials were more rudimentary and basic, of the old generation. Their properties, in spite of satisfying the demands of the time, left much to be desired especially when compared with the new generation materials. At present, they are:

  • lighter
  • thinner
  • more resistant (both chemical and physical factors)

They allow desks of similar characteristics and functions to be obtained with:

  • less quantity of material,
  • occupying less space

Our Tera Straight is a small reception desk and a perfect example of this combination. It is made of the light, modern and high-class materials; therefore it is ideally suited for the minimalist spaces.

Tera - Simple structures for modern reception areas.

HPL is one of the currently used modern materials, which is the key element for the panels in most of our Reception Planet desks’ collection, such as Linea with low top. It has great antibacterial, antifungal and both mechanical and fire resistant properties. That gives an extra point increasing the quality and safety of the product.

Linea - Gloss fronts and minimalism.

Growing importance of design

In previous decades, there was not much attention paid to the design itself. It was believed that a proper desk was supposed to be:

  • suitable for work
  • big enough to accommodate all materials

Most of them looked almost identical and were produced on a mass scale without the possibility of taking into account the aesthetic preferences of the client. As for the designs, at present these are much more varied. A few decades ago, desks usually had:

  • too many angles and corners
  • were available only in a small range of colors

Nowadays, thanks to the new advances in material technology and the application of these to the industry, we can find wide varieties of desks for all tastes, formed by modules that in many cases include LED systems, which illuminate them from within, as well as make them more attractive and pleasing to the eye. Our modern reception counter Arctic Summer perfectly illustrates that this type of backlighting is an added value. Among many other advances, we find for example:

  • the great malleability of new materials
  • ease of recreating the desired shapes (thanks to the materials of the new generation).

Arctic Summer Reception Desk Detail - Breathtaking shapes to impress your clients.

They allow us to create shapes and curves that a few years ago would have been more complicated to make. In addition, the panels are made of modern materials, available in a large range of colors and shades. This, together with more rounded and modern designs, give sensations to the eyes of our clients. The strength of color and cubistic shapes are among the main assets of Foro - one of the contemporary reception desks from the Reception Planet.

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