As it is widely known, most of the reception desks do not usually differ much from each other in terms of appearance and functionality. It is easier to produce a universal reception desk that can stand anywhere and serve its purpose, because adjusting the individual components requires precision, time and resources. Few companies are ready for a customer-oriented service, to give the customer what he desires and meet all his expectations. Nowadays, it is the meeting of customer expectations and his needs that counts the most. This is what all thriving companies should now focus on if they want to maintain the position of the industry leader.

Visual effects

Each of us is perfectly familiar with the saying 'The Devil is in the details' and what it means. We took it very much to heart, and it is a principle that drives us while creating our reception furniture. The external appearance is extremely important, just like on a first date. From the manner in which we present our reception desk will depend in particular:

  • if the potential client will be able to locate it efficiently
  • if the potential client will be intrigued and decide to approach
  • if it will enable you to evoke specific emotions and associations in the client

Lighting system

Locating the reception desk and highlighting its visibility is not easy, but it certainly helps when your modern reception desk is equipped with a good LED backlight system. Depending on the model, it may appear in different color options and it is worth to make sure if the one we picked comes with the desired option. This system provides the customer with full control over saturation and light intensity. All changes are made with the use of an intuitive remote control. As a perfect example of this solution can serve our Zig-Zag model. Please bare in mind, that at a client's request we can adjust the lighting system in terms of both light intensity and color.

Zig-Zag - Eclectic style with the most singlular lighting for your reception area.

Colors and materials

Due to the different tastes of the customers and the arrangement requirements of the place where a new reception desk is to be found, we always try to make the range of colors of our fronts and bodies so extensive that every customer can choose something for themselves. Each counter should ideally match the existing color scheme of the place, so as not to stand out too much but at the same time to be easily noticeable and aesthetic element of the room. A wide range of available colors is provided by our Valde and many other models. If you are in need of a different color option of the front or the casing and it is not listed in our catalogue, we would highly recommend you to consult our customer service department in order to adjust the shades as you desire.

Modular system

The modular system itself means freedom in choosing and combining elements. Naturally, some of the combinations are more popular than others, but at the customer's request we are able to create a reception desk with an unusual shape. Many customers have a space that requires unusual solutions, so before you decide to purchase any, it is necessary to make sure that the manufacturer provides solutions tailored to individual needs and unconventional projects.

There is nothing that we can not do!