Choosing the right furniture for your office, reception area or apartment is not a simple decision. Seating is especially tricky because it has to follow your needs on many fields like design, functionality and comfort in use. Those factors are usually very unique for everyone. So how to choose?

We have asked some users of Reception Planet offer chairs what they think it is important when it comes to choosing the perfect chair and what features it should have.

  1. “The most important factor for me is comfort. I am a big man and I need my perfect chair to be both comfortable and stable. The problem with most chairs that combine those two, is that they don’t usually look very good and believe me or not - I like pretty things! That is why I have chosen Mesh. It reminds me of seats I have in my old pick-up truck. It is a piece of furniture that meets my requirements perfectly and is very elegant as well. I love customized items, that is why I am happy I could choose from many color options for my chair as well. It is very reliable and I am never worried that it will break (laughing). Using it, even long hours, doesn’t cause me any back pain and that is why I love it!”

  2. “I am a person who above everything loves stylish things. I like to design things myself as well and I appreciate good design. It is easy with most furniture as I can mostly just focus on the looks but when it comes to chairs, I need it to be functional as well. I chose ULTRA for my home office chair because of its minimalistic lines and modern design. I am tired of cheap materials used in most chairs, but my Ultra has a 100% wool upholstery, which is not so common these days. I tend to work long at night on my projects and I really appreciate the backrest cushion which helps me relax a little bit. And it comes in blue, which is my favorite color!”

Everyone has their own opinion on what a perfect chair should be. What’s yours?