Are you fed up with the monotonous, boring and similar reception desks? Are you looking for something more expressive, but in a good taste with the possibility of easy adaptation to a given space? This model is simply created for you!
LF10 - W82⅝ x D31½ x H43¼
LF10 - W82⅝ x D31½ x H43¼
LF11 - W82⅝ x D31½ x H43¼
LF11 - W82⅝ x D31½ x H43¼
High Gloss Anthracite
High Gloss Burgundy
High Gloss Lime
High Gloss Orange
High Gloss Silver
High Gloss White
White Pastel


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  1. Worktop - MFC 1 ⅛in, PVC edge
  2. Top - MFC 2in (¼in + ¼in + 1 1⅛in), PVC edge
  3. Body - MFC 1 ⅛in, PVC edge
  4. Front - HPL ¾in - high gloss, PVC edge
  5. Body - MFC 2in, PVC edge


It would seem that this is a tiny reception desk - nothing more wrong. Foro is one of the most capacious reception counters in our offer and will surely provide you with enough space to store or place all the most necessary accessories and office equipment.

It was built of two overlapping rectangles in accordance with the Cubism principles. The geometric shape combined with a wide range of colors of shiny fronts and a matte casing gives the whole a unique design and character. Fronts are available in four colors: white, green, red and orange. The housing is available in two variants: white and chestnut.

Foro easily fits into modern office space. It will become an indispensable element of the interior design of any hairdresser's salon, spa or massage cabinet, as well as arouse the interest of potential customers, for example, during the fair.

If you want to stand out or give your interior a touch of color, do not hesitate and contact us today!



Height: 284764in

Depth: 2278in-3112in

MFC: 1764in

PVC edge: 0564in

Cable grommets: Ř-3532in

Fixed MFC drawer with patent lock


Low element:

MFC:  1764in thick

Finish: PVC edge 3532in


High element:

MFC:  2364in thick

Finish: PVC edge 3532in



Height: 413132in

Depth: 132532in



HPL High Gloss: 03564in


Kick plate:

MFC:  04564in

Levelling feet +/- 01364in


Supporting legs:

Metal tube: 1316in x 1316in, powder coated

Levelling feet: +/- 01364in



MFC:  04564in

Patent lock

Ball runners (self-closing)

80% pull-out

Capacity 40kg

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