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High Gloss White

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  • High Gloss Burgundy
  • High Gloss Silver
  • High Gloss Fuchsia
  • High Gloss Yellow
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  • High Gloss Lime
  • High Gloss Black
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  • High Gloss White

HPL Front Storages


The cabinets to store office supplies, documentation, and other useful utensils were usually too noticeable and very massive. Previously, no attention was paid to the external appearance of cabinets and shelves, hence all the shelves and drawers were in view and unfortunately did not delight or add value to the room, but just on the contrary.

HPL front storages keep up with the times, and their design draws a lot from Scandinavian love for simplicity in terms of both design and functionality. This model is the quintessence of elegance and style, but in a minimalist and affordable form. It is incredibly capacious, although thanks to the unusual design, it would seem that it is not so large.

The following color options are currently available on our offer :

  • · High Gloss Black
  • · High Gloss Blue
  • · High Gloss Burgundy
  • · High Gloss Fuchsia
  • · High Gloss Gray
  • · High Gloss Lime
  • · High Gloss Orange
  • · High Gloss White
  • · High Gloss Yellow

We make sure that our cabinets are always made of the latest generation materials, such as HPL High Gloss.

HPL front storages are ideal for every modern office and clinic. Your materials and documentation can be easily accommodated and the cabinet will certainly perfectly match the rest of the room and office furniture.

Make simplicity your priority!

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A2104HZ - W31½ x D17 x H30⅝
A2104HZ - W31½ x D17 x H30⅝$515

Front Color

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Possible heights: 301932in - 721164in

Depth: 17164in

Width: 311732in

PVC edge: 0564in

MFC: 1764in


Side panels and back:

MFC:  04564in

PVC edge: 4x 0564in



HPL High Gloss:  04564in

"Push-to-open" system

Patent lock included



MFC: 04564in

PVC edge



MFC: 04564in

PVC edge

Leveling feet1116in

Leveling range from the inside  +/- 01364in




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