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  • Chestnut
  • Cocoa



For small spaces or smaller needs.

Not every space is large enough to accommodate a reception desk with standard dimensions. We decided that our offer should include something that meets the needs of small businesses, perfectly fulfills its function and fits into any smaller or unusual space. Typically, when customers hear of small one it seems to them that it is not possible to create such a desk without going to compromise in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. We like to overcome stereotypes and we do accept your challenge!

This model is available in neutral colors, such as:

  • • chestnut
  • • cocoa

The worktop and body of our reception desk are immaculate white that fits perfectly with any of the above front's color options. In this way, regardless of what colors we choose, our reception desk will blend into the background of the surroundings and will become an integral element of any space regardless of the interior decorating.

From today, small means incredibly functional and stylish. We made sure that even the smallest reception desk in our collection had facilities for the disabled people. For this reason, OVO was created in accordance with the ADA compliance, so that you can grow your business without any restrictions.

To bring a bit of prestige and class into your space, we have built it from the highest quality materials such as:

  • • MFC
  • • Tempered glass top
  • • PVC

In addition to high-quality materials, we have also ensured convenient and safe storage of your office materials, documents and accessories. Apparently, a small reception desk is quite capacious when we look at the number of lockers and drawers, both those locked and those easily accessible - located at hand.

Our modern reception desk OVO disproves myths and sets new rules for the game!

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LOL10 - W61 x D34¼ x H45¼
LOL10 - W61 x D34¼ x H45¼$1715
LOP10 - W61 x D34¼ x H45¼
LOP10 - W61 x D34¼ x H45¼$1715

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Height: 2714in

Depth: 331532in

MFC:  1764in

PVC edge0564in


Cable grommets: Ř-3532in

Fixed side storage with patent lock, with 04564in MFC


Low body:

MFC: 1764in thick

Finish: 0564in PVC edge


High body:

MFC: 2364in



Height: 45932in

Depth: 92732in

Glass top 0516in, tempered glass


Front and side panel:

2364in modules (front and side panel) made of three glued boards, covered with a 0564in wide PVC board


Side fixed storage:

MFC:  04564in

Patent lock

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Additional Information

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