Tera with Low Top

Tera with Low Top

From: $2,100.00
Almost from the moment of its debut, Tera has become one of the most desired products, and still beats popularity records. What makes Tera enjoy unflagging popularity?
TRA41L - W151¾ x D44⅛ x H45⅝
TRA41L - W151¾ x D44⅛ x H45⅝
TRA36L - W81 x D44⅛ x H45⅝
TRA36L - W81 x D44⅛ x H45⅝
TRA33 - W120⅜ x D44⅛ x H45⅝
TRA33 - W120⅜ x D44⅛ x H45⅝
Canadian Oak
Lowland Nut
White Pastel
High Gloss Anthracite
High Gloss Black
High Gloss White
From: $2,100.00

Tera with Low Top

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  1. Worktop - MFC 1 ⅛in, PVC edge
  2. Low side panel - MFC 1 ⅛in, PVC edge
  3. Optional top element with lightening - top melamine board 1 ⅛in, front melamine board ¾in, all in HPL - gloss
  4. High side panel - MFC 1 ⅛in, PVC edge
  5. Front - MFC ¾in, PVC edge
  6. Decorative stripe - PVC, colour: M009 - aluminum semi-matte


Would you like your reception area to be nature-related? Are you tired of reception desks, whose fixed patterns do not allow for proper fitting and adjustments, or maybe just want to use your space effectively? Trust us, this model will provide you with everything you need!

Our product has been designed to be disabled-friendly, both for an employee and a client. The special care was taken to adapt individual elements to their needs and provide an easy access. This has been achieved by lowering the height of the countertops and adding additional meters to the space intended for the employee, so that moving around in a wheelchair poses no problem. All shelves and drawers have also been lowered and adjusted so that they are within reach.

The model's appearance refers to nature. All available colors of fronts and bodies are in wood-like shades such as:

  • Canadian Oak.
  • Lowland Nut.

Tera with low top was created with the use of the latest generation materials such as MFC elements or HPL. This reception provides also the most modern solutions and technologies such as LED backlighting and a modular system.

Make sure that every customer and employee can easily access your reception desk! Pick Tera with low top and make the world a better place!



Height: 29 1/8in

Depth: 31 1/2in

MFC:  1 1/8in

PVC edge:  1/8in

1 cable grommet: 3 1/8in



Height: 45 5/8in

Depth: 11 1/8in

MFC: 3/4in

PVC edge:  1/8in

Top element with lightning: 1 1/8in Top board + LACOBEL glass 1/8in

Front board: 3/4in, all in HPL high-gloss finish – IN SELECTED MODELS



MFC: 3/4in

Inside the front: always in white matt color

Supporting leg NL41:

*Required for connecting tops

Metal, powder-coated

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in


Ending side panel High & Low:

MFC: 1 1/8in

PVC edge: 1/8in

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in

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