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Valde in Angle

Varying configurations, extensive color options and lighting make Valde the most popular and versatile reception desk in our line. Our Valde reception desks sit in places of prominence throughout the US from corporate locations to medical institutions, to the heart of the World Trade Center and even The White House. By special request, we can customize this prolific model to suit your needs.

L-shaped reception counter fits any space. This elegant compact desk has varying configurations of colors.

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LAV10L - W75⅛ x D75⅛ x H43½
LAV10L - W75⅛ x D75⅛ x H43½$6895

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The letter L is often associated with love. We assure you that this is how you feel, when you realize how wonderfully our reception desk Valde in angle would look like in your place of business. We do not give empty promises and you can trust us when we say there is more to this model than its L-shaped body.

This model is a real treat for all those who miss the solid and sizeable reception desk that once used to be popular. This product is something between fondness for the old and a modern approach to design. The reception desk provides enough space and comfort for the employee, provides all modern storage solutions as well as the right ergonomics.

The housing resembles the appearance of former reception desks, but was created from completely new, lighter and more durable materials such as:

  • HPL
  • PVC
  • Melamine Faced Board
  • LACOBEL glass

Despite our sentiment for tradition, we decided to move with the times that is why nowadays we can offer a wide range of colors for both the fronts and the housing itself. Currently, the model is available in the following colors:

  • Canadian Oak
  • Chestnut
  • High Gloss Burgundy
  • High Gloss Fuchsia
  • High Gloss Grey
  • High Gloss Lime
  • High Gloss Orange
  • High Gloss White
  • High Gloss Yellow

The LED lighting system is definitely an invention of our time. Well-lit reception allows easy location. An additional advantage of this model is a function that allows you to freely adjust the level of light intensity and color saturation.

Valde in angle is ideally suited to places such as modern offices, doctor's offices, law firms and many more.

Fall in Love with our reception desk today!



Height: 29 1/8in

Depth: 31 1/2in

MFC: 1 1/8in ( white or grey matt)

PVC edge: 1/8in

2 cable grommets on the top of left and right corner: Ø 3 1/8in



Height: 43 1/2in

Depth: 11 2/8in

Melamine Faced Board: 1 1/8in + LACOBEL glass 1/8in = 1 2/8in

PVC edge: 1/8in

LED lighting: cold white in blue shade at the full length of the front



HPL: 1/8in

Inside the front: always in white matt

Decorative stripes: PVC, aluminum color

LED lighting: cold white in blue shade at the full length of the front


Kick plate:

Height: 5 7/8in

HPL: brushed aluminum

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in


Supporting leg NL41:

*Required for connecting worktops

Metal, powder-coated

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in


Ending panel high and low:

High Pressure Laminate: 1 1/2in in gloss finish

PVC edge: 1/8in

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in


Ending storage:

Dimensions: 12 1/2in(W) x 36 1/8in(D) x 43 1/2in(H)

HPL-gloss finish (white or grey)

Top shelf MFC: 1 1/8in, PVC edge

Bottom and middle shelf MFC: 3/4in, PVC edge

Middle shelf with the possibility of height regulation

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in

Front: MFC 3/4in, PVC edge 1/8in

Patent lock with foldable key

*Optional front LAD10 - MFC 3/4in, PVC edge 1/8in, patent lock with foldable key, universal (left/right)

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in


Corner element LA100:

Dimensions: W11 3/4in x D11 3/4in x H43 1/2in

HPL: gloss finish only white or grey

Levelling feet +/- 2/8in


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